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Services and Fees
Our trainers offer progessively challenging and invigorating workouts to provide you with continual progress.  All of our trainers have experience working in a physical therapy environment, allowing them to modify your exercise program to serve you best. We also offer classes taught by a Physical Therapist Assistant for those of you who need the extra care.  You can chose to be trained one-on-one in a private session or enjoy a session with a freind or two in one of our duo or small group sessions.  
Personal Training
Pilates and Personal Training Sessions-With Instructor/Trainer
 Introductory Rate (2 private sessions-new clients only)   $80
                            Private(1)            Duo(2)            Semi-Private(3-4)
    Single Session  $80                    $57                         $45
    10 Sessions      $750                  $530                        $430
    20 Sessions      $1460                $1020                      $800        

  Pilates is an efficient exercise practice, strengthening and stretching simutaneously with core strength as the foundation, providing you with a balanced full body workout.   All of our instructors are comprehensively certified and experienced not only in the traditional pilates repertoire but also working in a physical therapy environment.  We  offer classes taught by a Physical Therapist for those of you who need the extra care.  We recommend you start with 2-3 private sessions before attending a Circuit class, Duet or Semi-Private session.  This will teach you the essentials of pilates as well as allow your instructor to assess your specific needs and abilities. 
Pilates Sessions-Physical Therapist
 Introductory Rate (2 private sessions-new clients only)  $87
                                 Private(1)          Duet (2)         Semi-Private(3-4)
     Single Session     $87                   $60                      $50
​     10 Sessions          $830                 $580                    $460
​     20 Sessions          $1560               $1100                   $860